Learn to play guitar or bass. Get technical - just have fun - or do both! Record your songs. Have them arranged professionally. Any age - Any skill level - Any style.

Learn Guitar & Bass

AxeSkillz Guitar & Bass Tuition

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced musician – There’s always something to learn.

If you want to learn to play from the start or just learn how to play one of your favourite songs or riffs, we can do that with you.

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Record & Produce

AxeSkillz Recording & Production

I’ve got this great to idea in my head – I would love to get it recorded and produced to a professional standard.

With our vast knowledge of music, recording and production, we can take your idea and help you turn it into fully polished song.

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AxeSkillz Media

AxeSkillz Media – Blog Posts And More

This looks great, I’m really interested – Where can I find out more about what goes on at AxeSkillz

Here you will find the AxeSkillz Blog that contains videos, pictures, sounds and news – Plus the AxeSkillz Tutorial Videos.

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